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JUSTA LOTTA WWE: Tanya Tate's Wrestlemania 33 Predictions!


As a huge fan of WWE, of course, I am really excited about this weekend’s Wrestlemania. It’s the Sports Entertainment's biggest event of the year and a time where the company pulls out all the stops, provides jaw-dropping moments and sets up confrontations for the coming year.

This Wrestlemania is an odd mix. It seems as though a lot of the top matches feature wrestlers that we don’t regularly see in the ring. So it makes it hard to get invested in matches where one of the opponents is a “special guest” not seen too often.

I’m a little disappointed the New Day won’t be wrestling. Instead, they are “hosting” the show. Hopefully, that means more airtime for the lads.

OK, I’ll break down the matches, with my thoughts and who I think is going to emerge victorious from "The Grandest Stage of Them All.”


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