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JUSTA LOTTA VIDEO: Tanya Tate Answers "What Do You Collect?"

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Hello Heroes!

So, I get asked all the time “Tanya, what do you collect?” Well, you know I love Disney, I collect the blu-rays. I collect some figures, but I mostly like the mini-figure like Super Hero Squad and Action League because I think they are dead cute. Unfortunately, I think they have stopped both of those lines. I have been pretty good with the Kotobukiya Bishoujo statues, I have 10 so far. And, of course, I collect the Funko POP! vinyl figures. Watch this video as I answer the question properly.

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VIDEO: TANYA TATE Reviews Dc Comics The Black Flash Funko POP From The Geek Media Expo!!

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Hello My Heroes!

Here is another one of my POP! vinyl figure reviews. I'm doing things a little different, I'm doing it in cosplay as Black Canary and from the Geek Media Expo! LOL, I told you it was going to be different. Firstly, sorry about the audio! I tried to do this video from the GMX convention floor, but forgot my microphone!

As you know I am a huge fan of Funko's POP! vinyl figures. My collection is massive with figures from Marvel, Disney, Game of Thrones, Beatles and DC Comics series. This one is from the DC line, it's the Black Flash! Black Flash was a Fugitive Toys exclusive. Which I talk about in the video.

The Black Flash is the embodiment of death when it comes to the speeder superheroes in the DC Universe. So when you see him coming you better watch out, something bad is going to happen!

Have a look at this video and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. You can also send me a tweet @TanyaTate. I have loads more Funko POP! vinyl figure reviews posted on my channel, so check them out!

Stay Super
Tanya Tate

TRAILER: Superman Vs The Elite DC Universe Animated Movie!

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On DVD/Blu-ray tomorrow is the latest DC Universe Animated movies, Superman vs The Elite! I am so excited about this! I never read the comics that this movie is based on, so I'm going in without any preconceived notions or expectations (aside from hoping that it rocks) LOL.

Here is the trailer:

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The New GHOST RIDER: Spirit Of Vengeance Trailer Is Up & Tanya Tate™ Comments On It!

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Erm, I wasn't a real big fan of the first Ghost Rider movie. There were some cool elements (like Eva Mendes..mmmm!) but overall the movie really didn't grab me. Which really sucked because I wanted to like it. A few years later, here we are with another Ghost Rider movie, Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance. I watched the trailer not expecting much, and was pleasantly surprised. I'll wrote a little bit about it after you have watched the trailer:

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VIDEO: Batman Fans Rejoice! The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Is Here!

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Hello Heroes!
Well, after watching the Dark Knight Rises prologue the other day, I was left feeling underwhelmed, which I wrote about here in my review. However, now that the new trailer has arrived, I feel somewhat better.

For some reason though, what I'm seeing from this movie doesn't have the same "big" feel to it as the Batman Begins and The Dark Knight did. Maybe that will change, as more visuals from the movie are revealed.

I'll post more thoughts after you watch the trailer!

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Let's Try This Again...Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Online...Officially!

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Hello Heroes!
A couple of days ago I posted about the Amazing Spider-man trailer. Well, now here it is, officially from Sony. So have a look and enjoy the Spideyness. Hopefully we’ll get an official look at the Avengers movie over Comic Con weekend.

Here ya go....

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