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JUSTA LOTTA FUNKO: Are you Missing These? 33 POP Vinyl Figures Have Been Vaulted!


33 Funko POPs have just been placed in the vault! Do you have them? If not, you better get a move on it! Here they are:

Pop Curated released a list of 33 Funko Pops that have been vaulted. This doesn't mean that they are impossible to find, it just means that they are no longer in production.

But, if you were thinking about adding any of these to your collection, you may want to pull the trigger on ordering them. Sometimes POPs skyrocket in value overnight and you don’t want to miss out. I can’t begin to tell you how many times it happened to me.

Here is the list with links to buy them:

FunkoPOP-Teddy-BobsBurger-VaultedTeddy - Animation - Bob‘s Burgers


Atom Ant - Animation - Hanna-Barbera


Snagglepuss - Animation - Hanna-Barbera

Funko-Pop-ToucheTurtle-VaultedTouche Turtle - Animation - Hanna-Barbera

Funko-Pop-Maka-SoulEater-VaultedMaka - Animation - Soul Eater

Funko-Pop-Cinderella-VaultedCinderella - Disney


Gus Gus in Slipper - Disney - Cinderella

Funko-Pop-Vaulted-Disney-SvenSven - Disney - Frozen

Funko-pop-vaulted-bingbong-disneyBing Bong - Disney - Inside Out

Funko-Pop-Vaulted-DIsney-Moana-KakamoraMoana with Kakamora 2 pack - Disney - Moana

Funko-Pop-Vaulted-Claptrap-BorderlandsClaptrap - Games - Borderlands

Funko-Pop-Vaulted-Diablo-TyraelTyrael - Games - Diablo


Delorean - Movies - Back To The Future

Funko-Pop-Vaulted-CameronFrye-FerrisBuellersDayOffCameron Frye - Movies - Ferris Bueller

Funko-Pop-Vaulted-StarTrekBeyond-UhuraUhura - Movies - Star Trek Beyond

Funko-Pop-Vaulted-theDude-TheBigLebowskiThe Dude - Movies - The Big Lebowski

Funko-POP-Vaulted-WillyWonka-CharlieBucketCharlie Bucket - Movies - Willy Wonka

Funko-Pop-Vaulted-Rocks-Babymetal-MoametalMoametal - Rocks - Baby Metal

Funko-Pop-Vaulted-Rocks-Babymetal-SuMetalSu-Metal - Rocks - Baby Metal

Funko-Pop-Vaulted-Rocks-Babymetal-YuimetalYuimetal - Rocks - Baby Metal

Funko-Pop-Vaulted-Rocks-MyChemicalRomance-RevengeGerardWay-MCRRevenge Gerard Way - Rocks - MCR

Funko-POP-Vaulted-NFL-AmariCooper-OaklandRaidersAmari Cooper - Sports - NFL

Funko-POP-Vinyl-Vaulted-NFL-Wave2-DallasCowboys-TonyRomo-ActionFigureTony Romo - Sports - NFL

Funko-POP-Vaulted-TV-American-Horror-Story-Season5-TheCountess-ActionFigure The Countess - TV - AHS

Funko-Vaulted-POPVinyl-Television-DoctorWho-12thDoctor-with-Guitar-ActionFigure12th Doctor with Guitar - TV - Doctor Who

Funko-POPVinyl-Vaulted-DoctorWho-EleventhDoctorEleventh Doctor - TV - Doctor Who

Funko-PopVinyl-Vaulted-TV-DoctorWho-TwelfthDoctorTwelfth Doctor - TV - Doctor Who

Funko-POPVinyl-Vaulted-TV-FamilyGuy-RayGun-Stewie-ActionFigureRay Gun Stewie - TV - Family Guy

Funko-POP-Vinyl-Vaulted-TV-StarTrekTheNextGeneration-WillRiker-ActionFigureWill Riker - TV - Star Trek The Next Generation

Funko-Pop-Vinyl-Valuted-TV-TheATeam-JohnHannibalSmithJohn 'Hannibal' Smith - TV - The A Team

Funko-POPVinyl-WWE-BrayWyatt-ActionFigureBray Wyatt - WWE

Funko-Vaulted-POPVinyl-WWE-BretHart-ActionFigureBret Hart - WWE

Funko-Vaulted-POPVinyl-WWE-KevinOwens-ActionFigureKevin Owens - WWE

Thanks to Pop Curated for initially posting this list. Follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/popcurated/

 I’m a little surprised about the WWE ones…didn’t they just come out? Argh.

Tanya Tate