JUSTA LOTTA FUNKO: GameStop Exclusive Suicide Squad Harley Quinn In Gown Dorbz
JUSTA LOTTA IMAGES: Pictures From Funko Fundays 2016!

JUSTA LOTTA VIDEO: San Diego Comic Con Haul And Funko Fundays Recap!

Want to see what I brought back with me from San Diego Comic Con? Well it's a lot! I made a video for you that shows off my haul from SDCC and Funko Fundays. Want to know what happened at the party? Watch the video!

I think I may have went a little overboard. I could not resist all the exclusives that were to be had at the Funko booth during Comic Con. I loaded up! You'll see all my goodies in the video I made.

Not only that, but I also went to the Funko Fundays party. I won a lot of cool stuff that you will also see in the video. These are really rare items with limited editions of 500 or less. So enjoy watching!


San Diego Comic Con Haul:
POP Hair Bear variants (3 versions)
POP The Haunted Mansion Ghosts - glow in the dark set
POP Peter Potomus & So-So 2 pack
POP Gears of War Marcus Fenix
POP Power Puff Girls set of 3
Dorbz Rocket Raccoon - Hot Topic exclusive
Dorbz Stan Lee
Dorbz Spider-man Chase figure
Dorbz Huckleberry Hound LE 500
Dorbz Flash Gordon & Ming Toy Tokyo Exclusive
Dorbz Batman Returns 3 Pack
Dorbz Game of Thrones 3 Pack
Dorbz Wreck It Ralph 3 pack
Dorbz X-Men 3 pack
Dorbz Alice Through The Looking Glass 4 Pack LE 750
Dorbz Crossbones
Rock Candy Harley Quinn
Rock Candy Catwoman
Dorbz Banana Splits Bingo LE 300
Dorbz Banana Splits Snorky LE 300
POP Purple Pieman
POP Dragon Ball Z Beerus
POP Duck Dodgers Blue LE 750 & White LE 1500
POP Doctor Strange
POP Tony Tony Chopper Flocked
POP Dug Toy Tokyo Exclusive
POP Space Ghost Brak Toy Tokyo Exclusive
POP Indiana Jones
POP Pajama Jack Skellington
POP Aloha Stitch Hot Topic Exclusive
POP Space Ghost Zorak Toy Tokyo Exclusive
POP Pirates of the Caribbean Cursed Barbosa
POP Mad Hatter Hot Topic Exclusive
Dorbz Deadpool Chef LE 1000
POP Pete’s Dragon 2 pack
POP Elliot from Pete’s Dragon
Dorbz Venellope

Fundays Haul
Freddy Funko Sting
Freddy Funko Charlie Brown
Freddy Funko Kylo Ren
Freddy Funko Bert
Freddy Funko Ernie
Freddy Funko He-man LE 400
Freddy Funko Game of Thrones Night King LE 400
Freddy Funko Vault Boy Fallout LE 400
Dorbz Hucklebery Hound Pink LE 24
Proto Superman False God
Proto Buffy Vampire

Tanya Tate