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JUSTA LOTTA NEWS: Masters of the Universe Celebration, Power-Con, Returns To L.A. In 2016!

Power-Con-2016-HeMan-SheRa-MOTU-JLTAfter a brief hiatus, Power-con, the event that celebrates He-Man and She-ra, has announced Spring 2016 return.

She-Ra Cosplay by Tanya Tate at Power-con

One of my favourite conventions to go to is Power-con. When I first started cosplaying it was among the first cons I went to and I had a blast. I’m a huge fan of She-Ra and Masters of the Universe, so I had a lot of fun cosplaying as She-Ra and her alter ego Princess Adora.

I know there were plans to move Power-con to the east coast but that didn’t happen. On the positive side, the organizers of the show have announced that the convention will be back in Los Angeles next year.

No exact dates / location has been set so far, but there will be some information presented during Mattel’s Mattypalooza Panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

This is awesome news. What I love about this con is that every one there is so into the spirt of the convention and its theme. I met so many awesome people at Power-Con that have grown in to incredible friendships. It’s such a great community. I’m looking forward to going to Power-Con in 2016.

If you want updates on The Power-Con be sure to keep an eye on their website & Twitter - @ThePowerCon. See you there!

Stay Super!
Tanya Tate