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JUSTA LOTTA RED CARPET: Tanya Tate At The Premiere Of The Death of Superman Lives, What Happened?

Hello Heroes!

This past weekend I went to The Death of Superman Lives, What Happened? red carpet premiere in Hollywood.

I had heard about the documentary that chronicled the history of the un-produced 1998 Superman movie that was to be directed by Tim Burton and star Nicolas Cage. The movie was never to happen and this documentary delves into the mystery of what happened.

I went to the premiere screening and now some pictures of me on the red carpet have started popping up on sites like Getty and Zimbio. Let’s have a look at these pics by Imeh Akpanudosen shall we?


Very cool. I’ll have my review of the movie posted shortly. If you have seen the film, and you should, let me know what you thought by posting in the comments below or you can always tweet me @TanyaTate

Stay Super

Tanya Tate