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JUSTA LOTTA MERCH: New Tanya Tate As Lady Titan Superhero Movie Style Poster!

Hello Heroes!

Want to see something cool? I’ve had a new poster made! It’s me as my character Lady Titan! Have a look at it below:

You may have seen me wearing this costume when I have cosplayed at shows like San Diego Comic Con, etc. After cosplaying as so many other superheroes, I thought it would be cool to dress up as my own and Lady Titan was born. People gave been asking me for a print of me in this costume, so I thought I would have one designed.

Tanya Tate Lady Titan Web
Here I am in my sliver and purple costume! I had it made in superhero movie style, like the theatrical posters for The Avengers or Iron Man movies. I even added my cheeky tagline “It’s not the costume that makes someone a hero, it’s what’s beneath.”

Now, I’ve had these posters printed for my upcoming appearances but I thought I would make some available from my online store as well. You can order a signed one from me here.

I also have other goodies in my store, like T-Shirts, signed 8x10s and more. Check it out.

In the coming weeks I’ll let you know where I am going to be during San Diego Comic Con and my signing times. So, you can get one of these posters from me in person!

Stay Super!
Tanya Tate