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Hello Heroes!

I have been keeping up with the Batman Classic 1966 TV figures that Figures Toy Company is doing and now there is an exciting new set of Entertainment Earth exclusives coming out!


Entertainment Earth and Figures Toy Company announced that they have an exclusive set of figures on the way that consist of some awesome variants and making his debut in this series is Bruce Wayne’s faithful butler Alfred!

The set contains 5 figures:
Smoking Jacket Bruce Wayne


Street Tough Leather Jacket Dick Grayson


Masked Penguin


Utility Belt Joker (from the episode “The Joker Is Wild”)


Alfred in Apron

These are going to look really cool in my collection. FTC has been going strong with unique variants and new sculpts that have made this series a winner.

Order your set of exclusives right HERE!

Let me know what you think of these figures! Maybe I’ll start doing some reviews of these for you if there is enough of you that want to see me do that.

Stay Super!
Tanya Tate