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JUSTA LOTTA VIDEO: Tanya Tate's Top 5 Doctor Who Companions


Hello Heroes!

Want to know who my “Top 5 Doctor Who Companions of All Time” are? LOL, the other day I met up with the lads at Ranker to talk about one of my favourite shows of all time, Doctor Who and countdown my top 5 Companions of the Doctor.

So you want to know who are my Top 5 Companions of Doctor Who? Have a look at the video below:


There you go! So, what did you think of my top 5? What are yours? Leave a comment below or on Ranker and LMK. And did you notice all those cool action figures in the video? They were a gift from my fans! Yes, watch me unbox them in this video below:


You can order the companions box set here.

Stay Super!


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