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JUSTA LOTTA FUNKO: Tanya Tate Unboxes 80 Disney Funko POP Vinyl Figures!


Hello Heroes!

I have something that I just have to share with you! Ok, so you all know of my love for POP vinyl figures, right? I have been doing reviews of them for years and while I have unboxed a lot of them, it was always hard to display them. Well, I changed all that by buying a glass case and some acrylic risers. Now, I have the proper way to display Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Cinderella, Peter Pan and the rest. So, I thought I would make a mega unboxing video, LOL. I open up and display 80 Disney POP vinyl figures in this video, watch it below and enjoy.


So what did you think? I know I had a blast making the video and opening all those boxes up. I know people cringed as they saw me tear through them. Some are quite rare you see, like the Flocked Winnie-The-Pooh. The thing is, I love all these figures. I wasn’t going to confine them to their boxes nor did I ever plan to resell them, so why not open them all up?

Do you open up your collectibles? why or why not? Leave a comment below and LMK your thoughts.

Keep Poppin!



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