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Tanya Tate Top 5 Funko POP Exclusives SDCC 2014 San Diego Comic Con

If you are a Funko vinyl figure collector, you know that they go all out for San Diego Comic Con. This year they had over 80 exclusives available to those that were able to stop by their booth. The shelves were consistently being emptied by fans of the popular vinyl collectibles. You all know that I collect the POP! vinyl figures and now that I am home, I wanted to share which ones are my favs. So here are my Top 5 2014 Funko POP! San Diego Comic Con exclusives.

FUNKO POP San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2014 Exclusive Wampa Luke Skywalker

5. Wampa with Luke - What a cool piece... or pieces. Not only are the figures awesome but the way they are set up in the packaging is really cool as well, recreating one of the iconic scenes from The Empire Strikes Back. The only way this two-pack could have been made better is if the Wampa was flocked.

FUNKO POP San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2014 Exclusive Rocket Raccoon

4. Flocked Rocket Raccoon - I am a flocked fan. If there is a POP! out there getting the flocked treatment, I want to know about it. This year at SDCC there were a few flocked POPS including Ghost from Game of Thrones and Lion-O from Thundercats. While those are incredibly awesome, I had to go with Rocket Raccoon. This bobbleheaded little fellow is as fun as he looks and I was thrilled to add him to the collection. And yes, I did pick up Ghost and Lion-O as well.  

FUNKO POP San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2014 Exclusive Huckleberry Hound

3. Huckleberry Hound - As great as it is heartbreaking. When Funko announced that Hanna-Barbera was coming to POP Vinyl I was ecstatic. I was even more thrilled when it was made known that HH would also come as a SDCC variant, which turned out to be navy blue. When an image was posted of all the variant colours of Hucks, I was ready to spend. However, only the navy blue version was made an SDCC exclusive. The rest were Fundays editions limited to....24. Ouch. So went my hopes of acquiring a lime green or purple Huckleberry Hound. I can’t dreaming of a multi-colour Huckleberry Hound collection, but I do have the navy one.

FUNKO POP San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2014 Exclusive Hershel Greene

2. Headless Hershel Greene - After the awesomeness that was the Headless Ned Stark of 2013, Funko revisited that fun idea in The Walking Dead line. I’m not the biggest TWD fan, as you may know I am a fraidy cat. But this was too cool to pass up.

FUNKO POP San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2014 Exclusive Batman Batmobile

1. The Batmobile - Gold version! Oh wow. This is a beautiful piece. I love the Batman ’66 television, so much that I have often done video reviews dressed as the Julie Newmar style Catwoman. I love the colours on the Batman, the gold looks great. Really a fun collectible. This, like the Red Batmobile, was a Toy Tokyo exclusive and I am glad they did it. My Batmobile collection is compete minus the elusive blue one.

There you go. These are my Funko POP! favs from SDCC, but there loads more that were just as cool.  Which ones are are your favs? LMK by leaving a comment below. You can also tweet me @Tanyatate

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Tanya Tate


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