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Funko Groot POP Vinyl GITD Exclusive Spoiler Lootcrate Guardians of the Galaxy 02

Hello Heroes,

Are you familiar with LootCrate? You subscribe to this service and once a month you receive a box of geek related goodies. The box is filled with random figures, stickers, comics, T-shirts, all sorts of cool collectibles.  Not bad for $13.37 (plus shipping).

You don’t always know what you will be getting.Think of it as a huge blind box. That is the case, usually. It was known that this month there would be a Lootcrate exclusive POP! vinyl figure but, you weren’t suppose to know what it was until it arrived.

Well, the exclusive figure was leaked on Instagram and what an awesome exclusive it is. Fair warning, I have a picture of the exclusive figure below. So SPOILER ALERT!

If you want to see what this month’s exclusive Lootcrate POP! figure is...look below




Are you ready for this? The exclusive Lootcrate POP! vinyl figure is a variant from one of the most popular movies of the year: Guardians of the Galaxy.

Glow In The Dark Groot.
Funko Groot POP Vinyl GITD Exclusive Spoiler Lootcrate Guardians of the Galaxy 01

The REGULAR Groot has already been in high demand. There are currently some on Amazon at around $25 and on eBay they have been selling between $20 - $35 regularly.

That’s doesn’t stop someone from asking for $99 though.

Funko Groot POP Vinyl GITD Exclusive Spoiler Lootcrate Guardians of the Galaxy 03

Good luck on that one.

Oddly, most stores have acknowledged that more Groots will be in stock over the next few months. So, unless one NEEDS to have it RIGHT NOW, paying a premium isn’t, to me, justified.

As the standard Groot is incredibly POPular, imagine the frenzy an exclusive Glow In The Dark could cause. Well, August’s Lootcrate is now sold out. Yep, that means if one wants to get their hands on the Glow In The Dark Groot exclusive they will have to go to a secondary market.

And before people even have the chance to get them in hand, they have already been listing them on eBay. The figure has been sold between $34 - $45. One ambitious soul has theirs listed at $129!

Funko Groot POP Vinyl GITD Exclusive Spoiler Lootcrate Guardians of the Galaxy 04

However, once the exclusive actually makes it into the hands of the people, we’ll have a better idea of what realistically people are paying for it.

Side note: I did order one for myself (and you’ll see the review of the figure soon) based on the fact that I knew Glow In The Dark Groot would be in the Lootcrate. Well, I was happy that I ordered one and posted that info on my Twitter feed, unfortunately I am new to the Lootcrate scene and kinda spoiled the exclusive to the 370K people who follow me. Oops. I know better now not to do that as people like to be surprised.

There are already rumors afoot about the next exclusive POP! from Lootcrate. So if you don’t to miss out on what is coming up you can sign up to Lootcrate right here. I can only imagine what they have instore for Halloween, maybe something spooky? ;)

Keep Poppin!
Tanya Tate



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