#TOMORROW: Tanya Tate Reviews Blade Bobblehead From Full Moon's Puppet Master Series
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JUSTA LOTTA HORROR: Review of Blade Bobblehead From Full Moon's Puppet Master Series

Tanya Tate Full Moon Horror Blade Bobblehead Puppet Master Video Card

Hello Hellions!

Today I will be reviewing a cool collectible from my friends at Full Moon Entertainment! Ah, do you love the Puppet Master series? Those horror movies are fun to watch and are prone to leave you with some frightmares, LOL. Well, one of the main puppets was Blade. He was seen in the entire series and now we have a bobblehead of him available! Let’s take a look at him, shall we?

There you go. How awesome would he look on your bookshelf or desk. Just sitting there. waiting. to get you!

Want to get your own Blade Bobblehead? Visit the Full Moon website here:

More info:
A New Series of Collectable Bobbleheads Drawn from Full Moon's Rich library of iconic Characters. Get Bobblehead Blade and Bobblehead Torch for only $19.95 each! Bobblehead Blade is over 6" tall.

Take a look at the review and LMK what you think by leaving a comment below, or you can reach me via Twitter - @TanyaTate.

I have more fun horror merchandise reviews coming! LMK if there is something you want me to review!

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