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FUNKO POP Batmobile Toy Tokyo Exclusive Red Batman
Hello Heroes!
A few days ago I wrote about the exclusive Red Batmobile Funko POP! that is coming soon from the cool people at ToyTokyo.com. I know many of you are just as excited about this release as I am and can’t wait to add it to your collection. Well, I have some news that may make your day! You see, Toy Tokyo is going to be giving away one of these Batmobiles!

Yes, you now have a chance to win one of these amazing exclusives and to enter all you have to do is show that you can be a hero. Read the rules below:

FUNKO POP Batmobile Toy Tokyo Exclusive Red Batman 01

From Toy Tokyo:
1. Do something good! Help your grandma with the groceries, volunteer at a shelter, entertain folks at the hospital-- the opportunities are endless so get creative with the awesomeness you can do!

2. Take a picture of your deed with a sign saying "TT HERO"! Yes, it has to be a picture of your good heart in action! Post it to Instagram and don't forget to caption it describing what you did and use the hashtag #TTHERO so we will see it! And remember, your account must be public so we're able view your submission(s)!

IMPORTANT: Don't try to sneak in that old photo from that one time you were forced to go to the soup kitchen two years ago (we know court obligated community service when we see it)! Lazy pictures are automatically disqualified! Enthusiasm is encouraged and it has to be NEW and FOR the contest! This is why we're making sure you show us with your "TT HERO" sign!

Contest ends next week Wednesday (July 2nd, 2014). All ages are welcome to participate! We’ll regram the 4 winning photos on Thursday!

3. You can enter as many times as you’d like but you can only win once! Even if you don't win, you did something wonderful for your community and that is totally a reward in itself! Being awesome is already a win but you could double that win with toys so GO AND BE A HERO!

And as for the prizes?

FIRST PRIZE: Toy Tokyo Exclusive Red Batmobile

SECOND PRIZE: Toy Tokyo Exclusive 9" Walking Dead Bloody Daryl

THIRD PRIZE: Funko Pop Mystery Figure Prize Pack

FOURTH PRIZE: $20 toytokyo.com gift voucher

There you go! Loads of goodies you can win, all the while doing some thing good. Don’t miss out on your chance to win! Get going!

Stay Super
Tanya Tate

BTW you can see my review of the regular Batmobile here:


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