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Hello Heroes!

As you know I was at Wondercon convention this past weekend in Anaheim. In between signing and panels I found some time to go shopping! One of my main weaknesses are Funko POP! vinyl figures so I knew I was going to come back a few of those. Which ones and what else did I come home with? Let’s have a look shall we....

Tanya Tate Wondercon 2014 Haul Goodies Warner Archive Blurays

The awesome people of the Warner Archive Collection were at the show and I got ahold of the blu-rays that I have been dying to get my hands on. Green Lantern Animated Series, Batman: Brave and the Bold Season One and Beware the Batman Part One. I was thrilled to add these to my collection and look forward to the weekend where I can binge on these DCU animated adventures. Look for my reviews soon.

Tanya Tate Wondercon 2014 Haul Goodies Funko Pop Fugitive Toys Flash

Tanya Tate Wondercon 2014 Haul Goodies Funko Pop Fugitive Toys

Fugitive Toys ALWAYS has the POP!s I need. I stopped by the booth and was able to scoop up the Metallic Blue Lantern Flash and the regular Blue Lantern Flash. When I was there I had a few holes in my collection that I needed to fill. So I also added Man of Steel Superman and Dark Elf from Thor The Dark World.

Tanya Tate Wondercon 2014 Haul Goodies Zenescope

When I popped by the Zenescope booth I was overwhelmed by all the goodies they had. I was hooked up with the hardcover of Grimm Fairy Tales: Oz, Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Tales from Oz trade paperback and Dark Queen #1. Love my Zenescope. Check out their site to get yourself some of their new titles and other merch.

Tanya Tate Wondercon 2014 Haul Goodies David Winnick Sulfur

I was given a book called Sulfur by the author, David Winnick. I don’t know too much about it, but look forward to reading it. From the blurb on the book it sounds very interesting. “Noir meets the Dirty Dozen meets the Bible. Fun stuff.” Look for an update about it, or get your copy here.

Tanya Tate Wondercon 2014 Haul Goodies Charles Band Empire Book

At the Full Moon Horror booth, I stopped by to see Charles Band who was only there for a few hours on Saturday. He gave me a signed copy the book Empire of the B’s - The Mad Movie World of Charles Band. I can’t wait to start reading this.   

Tanya Tate Wondercon 2014 Haul Goodies Dc New 52 Figures

I added a couple of new figures to my growing collection of New 52 figures. Superwoman and a Parademon. As you can tell I am a fan of the baddies, LOL. I want to get all of the Crime Syndicate.

Tanya Tate Wondercon 2014 Haul Goodies Hulk Plush Pillow Cubies

While walking though I was talking to the awesome people at the Cubies booth and they gifted me ...a HULK! I love it! It’s so cute and will look great on my couch. Expect to see it in future review videos. If you want to get your self one (which I think you should) visit their store

There you go, that’s what I came back from Wondercon with. Did you go to Wondercon?  What did you come back with? LMK by leaving a comment below or you can always find me on Twitter - @TanyaTate. BTW, if you did go, I hope you came back with an official Tanya Tate shirt!

Stay Super!
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