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JUSTA LOTTA Cool Comic Book Covers - Top 5 Covers For November 6th, 2013

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Hello Heroes!

It’s Wednesday...still...in some parts of the world. AND Wednesday usually means new comics day, so on days like this, I occasionally post my top 5 comics book covers of the week. These are 5 covers that I think are just brilliant. They could be shocking, exciting or sexy, whatever I think is cool. There were a lot of cool covers that I wanted to add on here as well, like DC Comics Earth-2 and Forever Evil, but I don’t want to cheat and post more than 5. Otherwise I’d have about 15 covers, LOL. So let’s have a look at the comic book covers that I like this week:

Vampirella #36 (Parrillo Cover)

From: Dynamite Comics / Cover Art: Lucio Parrillo

Whoa. What a cover. There is so much going on here. Lucio Parrillo does some amazing work. This is a scary cover all sorts of demonic things happening in the background and a sexy Vampirella in the front. Reminds me of the painted covers of the 70’s.

Synopsis: Vampirella's new leadership role in the monster world has been as much a catalyst for division as it has for unity. Even with her recent victories, there are some who believe she's heading down the wrong path...and Adam Van Helsing has decided that it's time to let her know. Honesty is the key to a healthy relationship, right?

Screwed #6 (of 6) (Cover B - Miller)

From: Zenescope Comics / Cover Art: David Miller

This is a different type of Zenescope cover than I am used to, but I think it’s awesome all the same. Giant robot monsters and a hot girl with a sword, bloodied and ready for battle. It’s exciting. I have not picked up this series yet, but plan to. With Zenescope you can never go wrong.

Synopsis: It's been a long and crazy road for Anne, but can it finally come to an end? While desperately racing to save Erin from the maniacal Suture, Anne finds herself face to face with the man who "screwed" her out of her happy life. Broken, exhausted and desperately holding onto sanity, she's the only one who can possibly stop the monsters and save Erin before it's too late! Don't miss this electrifying final chapter of Tyler Kirkham's Screwed!

Dark Shadows #22

From: Dynamite Comics / Cover Art: Francesco Francavilla

Francesco Francavilla does an incredible job with this Dark Shadows cover. The vampire Barnabas hauntingly overlooking Collinwood. Very intense. I love this gothic type of atmosphere.

Synopsis: Evil Barnabas and his family of vampires triumphant and growing larger?! Say it ain't so! Will anyone be able to stop them before they spill more innocent blood? And most importantly, can Julia and Willie return Barnabas' good soul back in his body before it is too late? If not, prepare to enter a new even Darker Age on the Collinwood Estate.

Charismagic Vol. 2 #6 (of 6) (Direct Market Cover B - Oum)

From: Aspen Comics Cover Art: Siya Oum

Love, love, love this cover by Siya Oum. It’s sexy, it’s strong. Very nice piece.

Synopsis: Be prepared because everything you thought you knew about magic is about to vanish! The wizard Kon faces his greatest challenge, as he must make amends for the past by battling the combined might of Orlana, Serké and Samsun, with only the witch Dura by his side. Meanwhile, in the Golden Hall, Hank, Sudana and Sparkles must make a devastating choice-to either fight their friends Alle and Hector, or allow the Realm to be overtaken by their dark magic. And the fight for Earth worsens, as battle lines are further drawn by the most unexpected source, and the fate of the very planet will lay in the balance!

Daredevil Dark Nights #6 (of 8)

From: Marvel Comics Cover Art: Amanda Connor

Amanda Conner is my fav artist. She is always doing work of brilliance and this one for Daredevil Dark Nights is right up there. I’m not a huge Daredevil fan, but I really like it, especially for Misty Knight standing larger than life and with attitude. Getting a sketch by  Amanda Connor is on my want list.

Synopsis: Matt Murdock is brought to the Caribbean by a client fleeing persecution, and he's got a new partner for this case - the Fearless Defender herself, MISTY KNIGHT! Daredevil legend Jimmy Palmiotti teams with rising star Thony Silas for the latest, greatest Dark Nights event: IN THE NAME OF THE KING!
There you go. These are my top 5 covers of the week.

Do you have any covers you’d like me to see? LMK by leaving a comment below or you can always send me a tweet @TanyaTate.

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