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Hello Heroes!

Are you going to the Comikaze convention in Los Angeles this weekend? Unfortunately, I will not be there as I’m in the UK for another couple of weeks. Sad that I am missing out and not being able to cosplay there, I had fun doing it last year. Something else that I will be missing out on is Wesley Eure from the Land of the Lost television show is going to be there! Here is the info:

You all know that I am a huge Krofft fan and collect from all of their shows, so I would have loved to have met him, and had a picture taken. Ah next time. But you can meet him! Wesley will be there all weekend. I’m sure he will be signing autographs and Land of the Lost stuff. So be sure to stop by his booth.

“I will be signing autographs Nov 1-3 in LA at Stan Lee's Kamakazicon at the LA Convention Center. Sid and Marty Kroft are going to be joining up with me.”

He posted on his Facebook that Sid and Marty Krofft are going to be there as well?? Argh. If you see them, tell them Tanya Tate is sorry she missed the appearance, LOL.

Info on Comikaze which is taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center is posted on their website. And if you can follow Wesley on Facebook as well.

You can also re-watch all the exciting episodes of Land of the Lost on DVD! The entire series is avilable from Amazon for only $12.99! Watch out for the Sleestaks!

Stay Super!
Tanya Tate