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JUSTA LOTTA Cool Comic Book Covers - Top 5 Covers For September 25th, 2013

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Hello My Heroes!

Are you ready for my top 5 Comic Book covers of the week? There are a lot of cool books out to look for and I have chosen 5 that have really caught my eye. They might be funny, scary, or more often - sexy, LOL. What ever I think is cool. Usually I scroll thorough the new releases to see what comics I want to pick up and make my list from there. This has no bearing on what is inside the book, just my thoughts as if I were browsing at my local comic book shop. Let’s have a look shall we?

Ame Comi Girls TPB Vol. 01

From: DC Comics - Cover Artist: Amanda Conner

Amanda Conner is one of my fav artists. I just love her work. I hope to have one of her pieces of work in my collection in the future. This cover (and series itself) is really awesome. Wonder Woman looks striking in this dynamic pose. Amanda does a brilliant Wonder Woman and this evokes some serious attitude from the Amazonian warrior.

Synopsis: Don't miss a moment of the action from the 2012 5-issue miniseries as Wonder Woman must stop an attack on Themyscira, Batgirl falls into Duela Dent's trap, Supergirl and Power Girl confront a space invasion and much more!

Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland #15 (Cover A - Dooney)

From: Zenescope - Cover Artist: Michael Dooney

Fancy a cup of tea? Or a lovely blonde perched upon a mushroom? LOL, I love Zenescope covers. They always have sexy element to them. This one by Michael Dooney is no different. Something about fairy tale characters looking naughty is something I can appreciate.  I want to see more, don’t you?

Synopsis: Violet and Calie have finally come home where it all began to find the only family that Violet has left.  But the ghosts of memories past linger in this place and Violet will finally come to understand the true nature of madness in a lesson from wonderland that she will never forget.

Grimm Fairy Tales Realm Knights #2 (of 4) (Cover A - Qualano)

From: Zenescope - Cover Artist: Pasquale Qualano

Sela is such a bad ass in this cover from Zenescope. Looks like she has found herself in a bit of trouble with the Skeletor looking fellow. Definitely on my list of reads.

Synopsis: Sela... Red Riding Hood... Robyn Hood... Van Helsing... Captain Hook... Shang... the REALM KNIGHTS have assembled for the greatest team book in Zenescope history! Chaos rules as the insidious titan CRONOS rampages through the Earth, searching for his all-powerful scythes. Meanwhile, The Realm Knights journey into the Underworld and go head to head with the fallen god... HADES! Fairy tales and Greek mythology collide in the summer blockbuster event from writer Pat Shand (Robyn Hood/Unleashed)!

Dark Shadows Year One #6

From: Dynamite Comics - Cover Artist: Patrick Berkenkotter

I have not jumped on this series, just yet. I have been looking at the other Dark Shadows series from Dynamite though. I am in the midst of watching the entire Dark Shadows television series, I made it though over 100 episodes so far, so I do wonder if this is a “Year One” story why is Barnabas in it? Maybe they are talking about the the beginnings of Collinswood and not the series. guess I’ll have to give it a read and find out.

Synopsis: The terrifying final confrontation between Barnabas Collins and the conniving Nathan Forbes!  After all the misery that has befallen the Collins clan, has guilt gotten the best of Barnabas' protector, Ben Stokes?  Will loyalty to the Collins trump Stokes' own conscience... or will Barnabas face oblivion at the end of a trusted friend's stake?

Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #82
From: Broadsword Comics - Cover Artist: Jim Balent

Brilliant cover by Jim Balent. I love the dark look of this cover coupled with an incredibly sexy woman. Very mysterious, very hot. What’s not to love.

Synopsis: "The Dark Spiral," Part 8, "The Spiral Witch." The bewitched Tarot has killed many under the command of the Dark King and Queen of the Faeries. Now she is unleashed on her loved ones.  The Skeleton Man holding the black rose sword must make a terrible choice as Tarot releases all her fury upon them.

There you go! Right, I’m so behind on my reading as it is. I really need to catch up BUT if you have some titles you think I should be reading, let me know! Leave me a comment below or you can always tweet me @TanyaTate. You can also let me know what you think of my choices this week.

Until next time...
Stay Super
Tanya Tate