Cosplay Personality And July FHM Cover Model Tanya Tate™ Debuts Comic Book Creation At San Diego Comic Con!
JUSTA LOTTA SDCC: At Comic Con Tanya Tate Will Cosplay As....

JUSTA LOTTA SDCC: Are you ready for Comic Con? I Am! ...Almost.

Justa Lotta Tanya Tate SDCC San Diego Comic Con Coverage Cosplay

Hello Heroes!

It’s time for San Diego Comic Con! Today I’ll be doing some running around to get all my last minute things together. You may have read about my Comic Book character that I’ll be debuting at SDCC, Lady Titan. So I need to pick up the posters and postcards for promo.

That aside, I have been teasing on Twitter which new cosplay costume that I’ll be wearing at SDCC. Ok...I said it was a DC Comics superhero. More hints: she is blond, does not wear a mask.

Any last guesses? I’ll post a picture of this powerful superhero today at 5pm PST.

Gotta run!

Tanya Tate