JUSTA LOTTA SDCC: Are you ready for Comic Con? I Am! ...Almost.
JUSTA LOTTA SDCC: Tanya Tate’s San Diego Comic Con Video Part. 2

JUSTA LOTTA SDCC: At Comic Con Tanya Tate Will Cosplay As....

Justa Lotta Tanya Tate SDCC San Diego Comic Con Coverage Cosplay

Hello Heroes!

So, at SDCC, one day I’ll be wearing my Lady Titan costume, Julie Newmar Catwoman on another and on Saturday, I’ll be debuting a new costume. I let you take a guess at which DC Character it is and here are some of the responses via twitter:

Out of all the tweets I got, no one guessed it right. Want to know who my character is?

Click the link below:
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Wonder Woman from the 1974 Tv movie. Yeah!

Stay Super and see you at SDCC!

Tanya Tate