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Tanya Tate Cosplay Sexy Superhero SDCC San Diego Comic Con
Hello Heroes!

The countdown to San Diego Comic Con 2013 has begun and with about three weeks left I am scrambling to get my SDCC costumes together, LOL.

I think I’ll bring back my Julie Newmar Catwoman costume back out for one of the days. But the other ones....I don’t know! I have a few ideas of what I want to wear, but I’m going for four days, so I need 3 more costumes. Any suggestions?

To help you out, here is how do I come to my decisions; this is my thought pattern:

1.) I look at characters I like. I love strong women. Like Susan Storm.

2.) I like to look somewhat like the character...without the use of wigs.

3.) I don’t like masks. So, I don’t go for characters who wear them.

4.) I try not to go too obvious. I don’t mean this in a bad way at all, but Emma Frost is a staple on the cosplay scene; and while that was the first ever costume I wore I think I pretty much retired it from Cons. I want try to bring something a little different and have fun with it. Like you don’t see too many Electrawomans or Julie Newmar Catwomans at cons. Of course there are some, but not many.

There you go, now you know what goes through my mind. One that I was going to do was a female version of Flash Gordon. But that probably won’t happen at this point.

So what costumes do you want to see me in at SDCC? Post your ideas below or tweet me - @TanyaTate.

In the meantime, have a look at video of my from the last time I was at Comic Con.

Stay Super
Tanya Tate

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