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JUSTA LOTTA Cool Comic Book Covers - Top 5 Covers For May 22, 2013

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Hello Heroes

Ready for my choices of the top 5 comic book covers of the week? Every Wednesday I post my favorite new release comic book covers. Whatever grabs my eye, something shocking, really cool or just awesomely sexy...which is usually the case. I also look for something that is going to incite me to pick up the comic. So, lets have a look at this week's Tanya Tate's picks:

Marvel Comics FEARLESS DEFENDERS 04AU Comic Book Cover
Fearless Defenders #4AU - Marvel Comics

The Fearless Defenders are back and apparently Warrior Woman has chopped off the head of Dr. Doom. This is a really fun series, I have the first few issues and need to catch up. I've featured just about the cover of every issue here and this one continues the trend. Really, pick up this series.

Synopsis: In a world where some villains became heroes instead Warrior Woman teams up with...Caroline LeFay? The connection between the Fearless Defenders greatest foe and Morgan LeFay is finally revealed! (And it's true in our world too!)

Zenescope HUNTERS SHADOWLANDS 1 Comic Book Cover A
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Hunters The Shadowlands #1 - Zenescope
Cover A by Anthony Spay

Sexy Sela is battling the baddies once again. The beautiful brunette is standing over defeated...monsters? Don't mess with this lass. Another amazing cover from Zenescope.

Synopsis: The prelude to the biggest Grimm Universe event is here!  Roman, Helsing, Masumi, Elijah, and Sela are the greatest monster hunters the world has ever known. That is until they all find themselves trapped in another dimension...a place of horror known only as the Shadow Realm. A prison to the most terrifying monsters in all of creation and also home to something much much worse. Will the Hunters escape and find a way back to earth or is their arrival merely a precursor to a new terror being UNLEASHED on the Grimm Universe? From the writer of FLY, the Wonderland trilogy and Irresistible comes the new exciting series where the hunters have officially become the hunted. Welcome to the bottom of the food chain. UNLEASHED tie-in! The mysterious origins of the four monster hunters finally revealed here!

Zenescope HUNTERS SHADOWLANDS 1 Comic Book Cover
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Hunters The Shadowlands #1
Cover B by Paulo Siqueira

Cover B to this series is just as awesome! Really hot. The only problem I have is which cover to pick up. Oh my.

Aspen Comic Book Cover JIRNI 02 (OF 5)
Jirni #2 - Aspen Comics
Cover by Philip Tan

While going through previews, I happened to spy this issue. I'm not familiar with Jirni, but this cover looks really cool. It's from Aspen Comics, and I think I'l give it a try. Half naked, hot purple girl with a sword? I'm there!

Synopsis: Discover a whole new world of adventure! As Ara's fortuitous quest continues, her path is shrouded in mystery. Upon arriving in a remote village struggling to survive through desperate times, she discovers someone who might offer answers to the questions that torment her. But as Ara has learned time and again, nothing shall come easy in this unrelenting world. Will she have the strength and courage to venture into the pit of darkness itself to find the truth - not only about her missing mother but about herself as well?

Boom Comic Book Cover STEED AND MRS PEEL 08
Steed And Mrs Peel #8 - Boom
Cover by Joe Corroney

Love Emma Peel, love the Avengers. This cover is awesome with a brilliant image of Diana Rigg as Emma wearing her trademark black leather. On the cover, someone is pulling a gun on Mrs. Peel. Who is it? Pick up the issue and this amazing series.

Synopsis: Last issue, John Steed and Emma Peel entered a quiet little town on what should have been a simple mission - but things were definitely not as they seemed! Now the super spies fight not to become the next victims of this city with big secrets...

There you go. These all look good. Jirni is a new one that I am going to have a look at, as well as the first issue of Hunters The Shadowlands from Zenescope. Of course Steed And Mrs Peel and Fearless Defenders are monthly reads, so be sure to pick them up!

What are you going to get this week? Have I missed something that you think is cool? Leave a comment below and I'll get back to you. Or contact me via Twitter - Twitter.com/TanyaTate

Tanya Tate