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JUSTA LOTTA Cool Comic Book Covers: Supergirl 20 Cover Change

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Hello Heroes! In this last Wednesday's post of my top 5 comic book covers I gave a shout out to the Supergirl #20 cover by Emanuela Lupacchino, which featured Supergirl in the arms of Power Girl who was wearing a Supergirl costume. Apparently when it was released there was a bit of a swap and Power Girl was back in her "boob window" costume that we know and love. Either way it's still a cool cover but I wanted to note that.

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JLT reader Nate left this comment: Actually the cover you have listed for Supergirl is wrong. The actual cover has Power Girl in her classic "boob window" costume holding Supergirl. You may have a preview cover they let out early that was not the final cover.

I know this because I've got the actual comic with the other cover at the shop :).

Thanks for the info Nate!

Tanya Tate