VIDEO: Tanya Tate On Badge Of Shame's Joe Goes To Wondercon
JUSTA LOTTA COSPLAY: WONDERCON 2013 - The Joker & Harley Quinn!

VIDEO: Tanya Tate on "Schmoes Know" Podcast From Wondercon

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Hello My Heroes

Here is another video interview I did while at Wondercon this past weekend. I was there doing some cosplay and signing at the booth. While there I ran into a couple of fellows who I had done an interview with before, Schmoes Know. On my. Let's have a look at their podcast video from the convention. I'm the one in the skimpy cosplay outfit, LOL. 

Wow. So what did you think? You can let me know by leaving a comment below or on the youtube page as I have been reading some of the comments. Also, this weekend my Youtube video from Wondercon will be posted. So stay tuned!

Tanya Tate