VIDEO: TANYA TATE Reviews Dc Comics The Black Flash Funko POP From The Geek Media Expo!!
TANYA TATE™ Wondercon Cosplay Featured on

TOMORROW: TANYA TATE At Wondercon 2013 Video Part 2.

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Hello My Beloved Heroes!

Tomorrow I start wrapping up my Wondercon 2013 coverage with my second video where I interview cosplayers. If you notice I am wearing a costume that is something you'll recognise. That's because it's of my own creation!

I co-created my own costume that I'll be using here and there for some upcoming projects. More on that soon. Very soon.

In the meantime, tomorrow enjoy the super cool cosplayers that I was fortunate to talk to at Wondercon. If you are a cosplayer and would like to be featured her, just let me know and we'll see about making it happen. Leave a comment below or tweet me.

If you missed my first Wondercon video, here it is!

Stay Super,
Tanya Tate