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JUSTA LOTTA Sexy Superheroes: Electrawoman - Deidre Hall

JustaLottaTanya Justa Lotta Sexy Superheroes Tanya Tate

Hello Heroes!

This week I would like to spotlight one of my favourite sexy superheroes - Electrawoman!


Electra Woman And Dyna-Girl was a television series in the late 70's as part of The Krofft Supershow. It starred Deidre Hall as Electrawoman and Judy Strangis as Dyna-girl, her sidekick. The show was created by Joe Ruby & Ken Spears. It was a homage of sorts to the 60's Batman television series. The gorgeous Electrawoman would fight baddies using her smarts and gadgets.

Electrawoman Sexy Superhero JLT

I did not know of this show until I came to America and a friend showed it to me. But as soon as I saw it, I fell in love. I loved it so much that I started to cosplay as Electrawoman with my own variation on the costume.

I actually had the chance to meet Electrawoman and got a picture with her (as well as Dyna-Girl, Sid and Marty Krofft). She was amazing.

What do you think of this sexy superhero? LMK by leaving a comment below, or if you have a recommendation on which hero you want to see featured like I did with Catwoman Anne Hathaway, Wonder Woman Lynda Carter and Isis JoAnna Cameron.

Stay Super!
Tanya Tate

Oh yes, here is video of me as Electrawoman!