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Hello My Heroes!

More exciting news!

I'm going to have some of my video reviews posted on the Pop Culture Network! They are an action figure news and review website.

I had watched some of their videos they had posted and found them to be cool and very funny guys. They love talking about action figures and toys, so I thought it might be something awesome to be part of.

When you watch my video reviews, I stick to the things I know. Pop! vinyl figures, Marvel Superheroes, that sort of thing. At Pop Culture Network they talk about everything. Right now we are testing things out to see if the fit is right.

You can watch them talk about it in the new episode at about the 22minute mark. I could not stop laughing at one of the host's (Scotty Cash) reactions.

So what do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment below or as always you can hit me up on Twitter @TanyaTate. You can also tweet the Pop Culture Guys at @popculturenet.

Stay Super!

Tanya Tate