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Hello My Heroes!

Here is something very cool that was sent my way. It is news of a Kickstarter project; Mini-Comics Included. What is Mini-Comics Included? Have look at the press release:

From the creative minds behind Hack/Slash, Revival, and Hoax Hunters comes an all-new original series of comic titles inspired by 1980s toys, cartoons, and comics. Mini Comics Included was created by Tim Seeley, Steve Seeley, and Michael Moreci as a way to bring back the fun, exuberant storytelling that played a vital role in instilling a love for comics that survives in each creator to this day. To fund the production of six original titles—all sized to the dimensions of comics that came with toys such as He-Man and Starriors—Mini Comics Included is running a Kickstarter drive that’s packed with unique incentives and inventive opportunities to help bring this project to fruition.

Joining Seeley, Seeley, and Moreci are a group of talented artists: Brent Schoonover, Sean Dove, Clint Hilinski, and Paul Tucker. Each brings a unique style and aesthetic that is perfectly suited to the title they’re contributing to.

“Mini-comics got us me into comics! The spirit of fun, and unlimited imagination is what kept me so engaged in the medium that I never gave it up. We're infusing that spirit into these titles," said Tim Seeley.

Incentives include toys, of characters that appear in the comics, from both renowned toymakers and the Seeleys. Ben Spencer is contributing his creation, Galaxxor, ManOrMonster Studios contributes Bognar, and Bigmantoys is adding Treegar to the mix. There’s also original art, fan club packs, and animation cells available.

The Mini-Comics Included Kickstarter has just about 2 weeks to go, and still has a bit to reach its goal. So, have a look at the profile page and please help fund this cool and exciting project.

Stay Super!
Tanya Tate