JUSTA LOTTA Sexy Superheroes: Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter
TOMORROW: TANYA TATE Reviews Marvel's Iron Man Funko POP!

JUSTA LOTTA Weekly Recap Feb 18 - Feb 23

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Hello My Heroes!

Did you miss some of the cool superhero, cosplay and geeky things I have posted this week? In case you did here are links to the posts:

NEWS: TANYA TATE Will Be Cosplaying At Wondercon 2013

VIDEO: TANYA TATE Reviews Marvel's Red Skull Funko POP!

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JUSTA LOTTA COSPLAY: Marie-Claude Bourbonnais!

JUSTA LOTTA Sexy Superheroes: Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter

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EVENTS: Wondercon March 29 - 31 2013

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