POWERCON COSPLAY PIX 2012: TANYA TATE As Princess Adora With He-man 30th Anniversary Box Set Prototype!
TANYA TATE Cosplay Tribute On The September Cover of AVN Magazine!

POWERCON COSPLAY PIX 2012: TANYA TATE As Princess Adora! How Did I Do?

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Hello Heroes! 

So now that you have seen some cosplay pictures of me as Princess Adora from Power-con, I want to know what you think! How did it turn out? 

LMK by leaving a comment below or you can tweet me via twitter at http://twitter.com/TanyaTate

What did you like, what you didn't like...let's hear it. Do you think I should wear this costume again or what character would you like to see me wear next time?

Until next time, 

Stay Super!

Tanya Tate