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TRAILER: Superman Vs The Elite DC Universe Animated Movie!

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On DVD/Blu-ray tomorrow is the latest DC Universe Animated movies, Superman vs The Elite! I am so excited about this! I never read the comics that this movie is based on, so I'm going in without any preconceived notions or expectations (aside from hoping that it rocks) LOL.

Here is the trailer:

About the movie:
The Elite, a team of super-powered antiheroes, is renowned for killing their enemies. Despite the acclaim and approval the Elite enjoy, Superman knows they are in the wrong, creating more harm than good by their methods. Tensions between them finally culminate in a mass showdown on Jupiter’s moons, when Superman is forced to prove that violence is never a positive!

Do you read the comic series? LMK what you think! Either by commenting below or on twitter. I will be posting a review later this week on Superman vs The Elite so keep an eye out for it!

Stay Super!
Tanya Tate