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TANYA TATE™ Super Hero Squad Review: Thor - Battle In The Frozen Land

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Hello Heroes!

Last week I took a look at a new set of Super Hero Squad figures from the Amazing Spider-man line. This week I wanted to have a go at a set that had been sitting in a pile of unopened goodies I had. It's one of the the three Thor movie sets that was released last year. This one, called Battle In The Frozen land, features Thor, and Frost Giant (sorta) and Sif.

Thor Super Hero Squad Sif Movie Marvel Avengers 02
First you have Thor, of course. Even though these figures are from the movie Thor, this is a comic book style Thor. To save on new sculpt costs, perhaps? This Thor was used in a two-pack with Abomination and a Toys R Us collector's set. I really wanted a "movie style" version, however, just looking at it as a Thor figure, it is one of the coolest versions in the Superhero Squad line.

Thor Super Hero Squad Sif Movie Marvel Avengers 03
Next is Frost GIant, another repaint. Originally this figure was used as "Son of Hulk" from the Incredible Hulk series that came out at the time of the movie. It is a interesting figure, but what I didn't like about the early SHS figures (the Hulk Series was among the first to be released) was the squat posing that was done with them, and how out of scale they were. This is perfectly demonstrates that as Thor towers over this Frost "Giant", when it should be the other way around.

Thor Super Hero Squad Sif Movie Marvel Avengers 01
The stand out figure in this set is SIf. Simply amazing. While this figure leans more to the comic book style than the movie version of Sif, she looks awesome. Sif has a ready for action pose, which really works. Thankfully,  since this figure has no articulation. Still she looks cool, and ready to kick some butt!

Thor Super Hero Squad Sif Movie Marvel Avengers 04
There were a couple of other Thor sets released at this, but if I remember correctly, aside from a very cool looking Odin, they were mostly repaints. The back of the box doesn't show them but instead shows packs from Captain America and Iron Man.

Thor Super Hero Squad Sif Movie Marvel Avengers 00
Sif is really the only reason to pick up Battle In The Frozen Land, unless you missed that comic book version of Thor when he was released the other couple of time.

What do you think? Do you have this set or looking for it? Leave a comment below and LMK what you think or you can hit me up on Twitter!

Until next time, Stay Super!
Tanya Tate