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TOMORROW: Tanya Tate™ Reviews The Riddler & Two-Face POP! Figures

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About time I get another video posted, right? LOL.

Tomorrow I take a look at classic Bat-villains The Ridder and Two-Face from the DC Universe series from the POP! Vinyl line of figures from Funko.

What other figures do you want to see me make videos of? Leave me a comment below, so I know. I have Marvel, DC and Disney POP figures.


TANYA TATE™ To Make Pop Con L.A. Appearance!

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Hello Heroes!

I wanted to share some very cool news with you! I will be making a signing appearance at Pop Con LA July 5th - 8th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I'm so excited about this signing, because it will be the first time I will be signing in cosplay costumes!

There is more information on the event right here. Also follow Pop Con LA on twitter and let them know I sent you!

I'll have more info on my appearance in the coming weeks, see you there!


Oh...and here is a video from one of the last times I was in costume. Tanya Tate as She-ra from Power-con!

TANYA TATE™ Goes Joe! Seen On Badge Of Shame Celebratory Video

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Hello Heroes!

I have some very cool news for you. Have you seen any of the Badge of Shame comedy videos? They star my friend, Joe. He goes to different conventions and chats to the people there to get their unique and often hilarious perspectives.

That is actually how I met him, he came to an event I was signing at, EXXXOTICA LA, and interviewed me.

His popular Youtube page hit 50,000 subscriptions and to celebrate he made a special video which you will able to see today on I'm in the video too! LOL

So visit his site today to see his new video and keep an eye out for me!

Also, here is the video I made after Joe Interviewed me again.


VIDEO: Welcome All Kassem G Viewers!

Kassem G, Tanya Tate, JustalottaTanya, Exxxotica Expo, Sexy Geek Girl, Cosplay Queen, Cosplay, Sexy, Model, Liverpool adult star, adult star, Exxxotica, Exxxotica Miami Beach, California On Exxxotica, California On, Youtube, Viral Video, Kassem G  Spanking, Comedy,

Hello Heroes and new visitors!

Recently I was featured in two videos by the popular web personality Kassem G. He stopped by the Exxxotica Miami Beach expo and filmed his adventures there. I was featured in one video called California On Exxxotica. As of now, the video is almost at 250,000 views in only a couple of days.


There is a second one called Tanya Unedited Version, which features five minutes of interview Kassem did with me. And that one is closing in on 85,000 views.

Want to see them?

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Images of FUNKO's Disney Series 4 POP! Vinyl Figures!

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Hello Heroes!

There has been a big reveal recently for collectors of the Funko POP! line of Disney vinyl figures. We finally were treated to images of the physical figures from Series 4! Promo pictures of half of the series is shown; Mickey from Fantasia, Tigger, Eve (Wall-E), Cinderella, Chernabog (Fantasia) and Mayor (Nightmare Before Christmas).

Want to see them? Here you go:

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Tanya Tate™ Finds Vinylmation At The Disney Store Outlet!

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Hello! This weekend I happened to be in the neighborhood of the Disney Store Outlet in Camarillo, so I decided to pop in and see what Vinylmation they may have. I had heard that the Disney Store Outlet does not carry Vinylmation, so I was pleasantly surprised to see there were an abundance of figures. Unfortunately, they were ones that I wasn't too interested in.

Rows of Celebrations, Occupations, Sea-Creatures and Tron packed the shelves. Only 1 or 2 styles of each series. It was slightly disappointing. I did see the 9inch/3inch Devil and Angel set. I heard that they were found on the east coast for around $20, but here it was $39.99.

I did buy a few pieces. The Devil/Angel combo, Urban 4 Ear Hat + 3inch Blue Flames ($14.95), Occupations Policeman ($4.99) and two IT Tech ($4.99ea)..and a Hulk. Yes, I have a Hulk.
Tanya Tate, JustaLottaTanya, Hulk, Vinylmation, Collectible, Disney Store, Outlet, Disneyland, D-street, Vinyl, Devil, Angel, Celebrations, Occupations, Urban, Sexy Geek Girl, Collecting, Nerd, Disney

What do you think? was it a good haul or was it just "ok"? Leave me a comment below and LMK what you would have bought.

Keep on collecting!

TANYA TATE™ Is Headed To Long Beach Comic Con This Weekend!

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Hello Heroes!

What do you have going on this weekend? I know what I'll be doing...going to the Long Beach Comic Con! I love the LBCC and support it by going to every one of their shows. The one coming up is May 12th at (appropriately enough) the Long Beach Convention Center.

There will be loads of guests and creators of some amazing of some amazing comics, the list of which can be seen here. The Long Beach Convention Center is at 300 East Ocean Boulevard.

I don't know if I'll be doing any cosplay at this one, I have not sorted out a new costume. I had been planning some real cool ones for SDCC but when my schedule changed and I was no longer able to go, I shelved a lot of costume ideas and have yet to revisit them.  Maybe I will later this year.

In the meantime, Here is some video from the Long Beach Comic Con I went to last year where I dressed up as Arsia Green Lantern. It was very...boobilicious.

...and more pictures HERE and HERE.

So if you see me there, be sure to say hello!