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REVIEW: Dark Knight Rises Prologue

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I went to see the Dark Knight RIses Prologue that was shown before Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and found it to be...a little underwhelming. Why? Mainly because I could not hear a thing Bane was saying. This could be a really huge problem. I know I would not want to spend a couple of hours listening to someone go on when I had no clue as to what they were talking about. They could have at least given me subtitles. LOL.

Because Bane was so hard to hear I couldn't really make out the significance of what was happening. I'll give it a go BUT warning: spoilers ahead!

OK, it starts off with Commissioner Gordon at Harvey Dent's funeral, where he says he "believed" in Harvey Dent. Then there is a cut to a field where a blue SUV carries some passengers to an awaiting plane. A Dr. Pavel is taken into custody by the people aboard the plane. Some additional, hooded prisoners are taken aboard as well when they are revealed to be working for the mercenary, Bane.

One of the hooded prisoners is revealed to be Bane. From another plane, Bane's people descend. After they kill virtually everyone aboard the first plane, they extract the criminal and crash it.

Then there are some quick flashes from the movie, which include Catwoman, Batman facing off against Bane and Bane with Batman's broken mask.

It was kinda cool. But nothing that compares to the Dark Knight's prologue of Joker and the bank robbery. I have hope the movie will rock when it comes out next year...and I hope I can understand Bane.



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