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Want A Lunch Date With At Comic Con? *UPDATE*

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Hello Heroes

Time is almost up to win a lunch date with me at Comic Con. You have until noon today (PST) to enter. To enter the contest you must design a Superhero Costume for me and be in San Diego next Saturday.

All the rules are posted here. So if you are going to San Diego Comic Con and want to have lunch with me, enter now! To help you out, here are a few tips for my ideal sexy Superhero Costume: I like costumes that show a little leg, like Black Canary or Ms. Marvel and show the cleavage, like Power Girl. So does that give you some idea? Maybe in purple, pink or black?

Hopefully in the future, I can have your sexy superhero costume made and wear it to a comic convention. How cool would that be? Well, all that's left now if for you to design the Tanya Tate costume and enter!

Stay Super!

Tanya Tate