“Leaked” Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Online!
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Avengers Clip Hits The Net

Hello Heroes! 

Leading up to Comic Con, it seems clips are popping up all over from upcoming Superhero movies. The official Dark Knight Rises trailer, the “leaked” Amazing Spider-Man trailer and now The Avengers.

Apparently the clip is going to be seen at the end the upcoming Captain America movie.

Here what you’ll see in the clip.

Steve Rogers taking out some aggression on a punching bag when Nick Fury visits him.

There are a fast cuts where you see Thor, in a slightly different costume, Iron Man, a nice close up of Hawkeye, Bruce Banner and Black Widow. I didn’t see Hulk but that could be because the copy I saw was so blurry/grainy. With the text intercut “Some Assembly Required.”

After watching the clip, I still can't believe this project is coming to fruition. It’s really amazing to have all these heroes together in one movie. Kudos to Marvel for pulling it off. It’s going to be a loooong wait until it opens. So be sure to go see Captain America (which is getting pretty solid reviews) to see this clip.