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Tanya Tate Heads To Wizard World



I’m going to Wizard World tomorrow and I’m pretty excited about it. By the look of the website it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. Personally I can’t wait to take a proper picture with the Batmobile! I took one before, remember? It’s going to be there as well as several other popular cars.

I’ll have some 8x10s with me, so if you want to buy one, just ask!

What costume am I wearing? More than likely I’ll wear the Green Lantern one again. Mostly since so many people have been asking about it, that didn’t make it to Long Beach Comic Con. I was thinking about the Susan Storm/Invisible Woman one because I only wore that once, but I’ll go green! LOL.

Are you going? Leave a comment and LMK know! Maybe I’ll see you there.