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Hello Heroes!

It's Halloween weekend! Have you hot your costume all picked out? I have! (being a cosplayer has advantages, LOL) Looking over some of the choices gals can make for superhero costumes, I noticed that they are extremely sexy. So for fun, I made a video...I have chosen what I think are the hottest, sexiest superhero halloween costumes for the ladies.

So which superhero costume do you think will be #1? Place your bets now! DC or Marvel...or other? My criteria: they had to be commercially available for purchase and had to have some comic book relation....and be dead sexy. So here is a video of my Top 10 Sexiest Superhero Halloween Costumes:

OK, there may have been a few surprises in there, and I'm sure you may be thinking "She chose _____ for number ____?!!?! She's daft!" LOL, well, then I encourage you to put YOUR list together and leave it in the comments below! Or LMK why you agree or disagree.

Sound good? Then have at it!

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